White Heights Media bridal shoot in Malaysia Thanks to our super helpful assistants for this shoot :) Xiao En assisted my photography aaaaaall day from when I first scouted the location for my initial set up shots, to the very end of our pack down after the shoot. You're the best Xiao En! Another big thank you to Jane, the 2nd model, who trusted us when we first approached her as random strangers, though I wouldn't advise her to do that again :) - Kaiwin A special thank you note for my girls Naomi and Sharon for being my assistants on the day. You girls were really helpful and patient throughout the makeup, styling, gown changing and the actual photo shoot. The day really was hot, wasn't it? And those scary mossies... Luckily we had a strong Australian insect repellant! We were also blessed to have Sabah's finest hair and makeup artist: Audrey Lee San Chang. - Claudia
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